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My Uncle Tom (Croly) got me started in stamp collecting before I was a teenager. He worked for a coffee and tea importer in Manhattan and would bring home envelopes full of stamps from the mail they received. He continued this up until the time I was married. Thus I had a significant collection of used stamps from just about every country that exported coffee or tea.

During the grammar school years I attended a number of beginner stamp collectors meetings at a firehouse on Jamaica Ave in Richmond Hill, Queens. I also traded stamps with a classmate whose father was an avid collector. As with most teenagers I lost interest during high school and tried to sell the collection to a storefront stamp dealer. He was not interested at any price.

In 1976 after we had moved into our new home in Denton, Texas I was sharing a workspace with Ann overlooking the living room. In upstate New York I was on the Board of Education had the farm and woodlot and renovation/maintenance of a house built around 1849 in addition to my job to keep me busy. Now with a new home the only thing for me to do was mow the lawn. One night Ann said, “You need a hobby.” And gave me a box containing my stamp collection. My mother had given this to Ann without my knowledge and Ann had kept it safe.

I started attending stamp shows and bourses in Dallas on a regular basis. Prices for US stamps were jumping every week and I decided that this was not a good time to start collecting US stamps. I was proven correct when they changed the laws concerning IRA accounts and the market for US stamps crashed in 1980.

I decided to focus on Germany and Cape of Good Hope triangle stamps from the mid 1800s. One of the dealers I met at a stamp show in Dallas in 1976 was George Holschauer who owns Colonial Stamp Company in Los Angeles; I still deal with George and meet with him at least once per year.

Over the next 21⁄2 decades I continued to pursue the Cape triangles but had decided in the mid 90s, after seeing an exhibit of these by a collector named Bowman, that I would never have a competitive exhibit. I did not stop collecting the triangles completely for another 5 years.

George Krieger Philately Rossicapex 2009

Rossicapex 2009

In 1997 George Holschauer made an appointment to see me at our home in Carmel. He had a collection of Mafia Island stamps to sell. I had already decided to focus on East Africa and this fit perfectly. In the next 5 years I made it into the finest exhibit of Mafia Island missing only a few “only one known” examples, The exhibit won both regional and national gold medals. In 2006 I sold the Cape triangles and Mafia Island collections at auction in England pocketing a tidy profit. I had decided to sell these to focus on British East Africa and Uganda without dipping into our retirement funds. Not having a steady income was worrisome when you are buying items for 10s of thousands of dollars.

During the 1997 US International Stamp show held in San Francisco I was told about the East Africa Study Circle and proceeded to join. I then purchased all of the back issues of their journal, Bulletin of the EASC, and donated a set to the American Philatelic Library since I was purchasing the back issues because no US library had them. In a few years I was writing for the journal on a regular basis and in 2004 won the Kilembe Trophy for the best writing in the Bulletin over the prior two years.

I have created a half dozen exhibits (and redone them numerous times):

British East Africa, 1890-1902

  • Gold and Grand, Penpex, Redwood City 2003
  • Gold, Houston, Texas 2004
  • Gold, Filatelic Fiesta, San Jose 2005
  • Gold and Reserve Grand, NY Mega Stamp Show, NYC 2007
  • Gold, Intercontinental stamp show in Bogotá, Columbia 2007
  • LV, International Stamp Show, London 2010
  • Gold, Nojex, New Jersey, 2011

Uganda on British East Africa

  • Gold and Grand, Houston, Texas 2004
  • Gold, Filatelic Fiesta, San Jose 2005
  • Gold and Grand, NY Mega Stamp Show 2007
  • Gold, APS winter Show, Charlotte, NC.2008

Queen Victoria Issue of Uganda

  • Gold and Grand, Penpex, Redwood City 2008
  • Gold and Grand, Philatelic Fiesta, San Jose 2009
  • Gold, APS winter Show, Arlington, TX 2009
  • Gold, Nojex, New Jersey, 2011

Mafia Island

  • Gold, Houston, Texas 2004
  • Gold, Best Single Frame, Philatelic Fiesta, San Jose 2005

Indian Post Office in Zanzibar

  • Gold, Penpex, Redwood City 2006
  • Gold, Philatelic Fiesta, San Jose

Sultan Seyyid Hamed-bin-Thwian

  • Gold, Penpex, Redwood City 2009

German East Africa During WWI

  • Gold, Sandical, San Diego, 2013

Imperial British East Africa Stationery

  • Gold, Filatelic Fiesta, San Jose 2013
  • UPSS Champion of Champions 2014
  • Grand, Rocky Mountain Stamp Show 2014

QV Stationery issue of BEA

  • Gold, Filatelic Fiesta, San Jose 2013

All exhibits have also received lesser awards that are not listed.

GTK Awards

My first philatelic article, Discovery!, was published in November 1998 in the Journal of the American Philatelic Society, American Philatelist.

In the subsequent years I have had numerous articles published, from opinion pieces to research papers. I had decided in 1999 that if I wrote about what I was learning it would be an aide to those that followed, giving them a new place to kick off their research rather than plowing ground I had already covered. My first major article was about the entirety of East Africa and showed the relationship between the various postal administrations from colonial times through independence. It was published in The American Philatelist, journal of the American Philatelic Society (APS) in 2000.

British East AfricaIn 2005 I decided that digging through past issues of the EASC Bulletin and John Minns book published in 1981 was a pain for me and thus probably others. I offered to edit and publish a new edition if John Minns was willing to author a revised edition. This occupied most of my time for the next 17 months. It would have taken less time but John refused to use a computer or email; thus it was all done via hard copies and snail mail.

In August 2008 Wayne Menuz, the editor of Postal Stationery, asked me to edit a new edition of The Postal Stationery of the Possessions and Administrative Areas of the United States of America. He told me the last edition was in 1973 but a few of the areas had been updated in the 80s as standalone unpriced catalogs. I do not collect any of these areas so my knowledge base was zero. In addition a catalog should give information on pricing, otherwise it is a handbook and should contain more information than a catalog. Thus, I was unsure if I should accept the task. Wayne had noted that starts had been made, or at least promised, a half dozen times in the last decade with zero results.

postal stationeryI mulled this over for about six weeks before agreeing. I decided to accept so I could create a catalog the way I though a catalog should be done and what it should contain and where. Since I did not collect the areas I should be unbiased about what was or was not included. With the help of a number of fine philatelists I spent 3000+ hours over the next 20 months completing the catalog.

The Canal Zone Study Group said they would buy 700 copies if I would do a standalone catalog for the Canal Zone. In philately it is rare to sell 700 copies of any book; thus I got the UPSS to agree and completed the task in a couple of months. The Canal Zone catalog was the only catalog awarded a gold medal in the literature class at the New York 400 stamp show in 2009.

Over the years I have joined a number of philatelic organizations to learn and share. I have been published in the journals of all of the organizations I joined that have journals. This is my way of returning something, hopefully knowledge, to the hobby I have enjoyed so much. Simply put, philately has given me something enjoyable to do during my retirement.

Following is a list of significant articles not mentioned above:

Postal Stationery, Journal of the United Postal Stationery Society

British East Africa Postal Stationery, 1890-1902
Vol. 44, No. 326, Sept. 2002

Zanzibar – Overprinted Postal Stationery of India
Vol. 45, No. 332, Sept. 2003

Uganda Overprinted on British East Africa, 1902
Vol. 47, No. 345, Nov. 2005

Zanzibar Overprint Variety
Vol. 49, No. 352, Jan. 2007

British East Africa ‘On India’ Postal Stationery: New Discoveries
Vol. 49, No. 354, May 2007

Zanzibar Overprint – An Error
Vol. 49, No. 356, Sept. 2007

Sultan Seyyid Hamed-bin-Thwain Stationery of Zanzibar
Vol. 53, No. 381, Nov. 2011

British East Africa Archival Stationery
Vol. 54, No. 384, May 2012

German East Africa: Stamped to Order Postal Stationery During WWI
Vol.54, No.387, Nov. 2012

East Africa and Uganda Postal Stationery
Vol.55, No. 1, Jan. 2013

Indian Postal Stationery Envelopes Overprinted “British East Africa”
Vol.55, No. . 2013

Overprinted Stationery of the Imperial British East Africa Company, 1895
Vol.55, No. 393 Nov. 2013

Zanzibar Overprinted Half Anna Indian Envelopes
Vol.56, No.5 Sept. 2014

VORLÄUFER Journal of the German Colonies Collectors Group

Whole Numbers 138-151 (2005-2008)
MAFIA ovpts, 138:3-6
(Krieger); 139:7-8,17-20; 140:17; 143:23; 146:3-6

Bulletin, Journal of the East Africa Study Circle

IBEA Co, Embossed Envelope Type E1a, New earliest recorded date
Vol. 9 No. 62 May 1999

Via Brindisi
Vol. 9 No. 63 Sept 1999

British East Africa. Stamp Dealers, Speculators and Managements’Impact on the Postal History of British East Africa 1890-1902
Vol. 10 No. 66 Sep.2000

British East Africa- A Compilation with John Minns
Vol. 10 No. 67 Jan. 2001

G.R. POST MAFIA Handstamps on I.E.F. Overprinted Stamps of India 1915-1918
Vol. 10 No. 68 May 2001

Before the ‘Forerunners’ (Pre-German Zanzibar Mail)
Vol. 11 No. 70 Jan. 2002

Foreign Mail to East Africa
Vol. 11 No. 71 May 2002

Zanzibar Mail
Vol. 11 No. 71 May 2002

ZANZIBAR Overprinted Postal Stationery of India, 1895-6
Vol. 11 No. 74 May 2003

Mafia Island Overprints
Vol. 11 No. 75 Sep. 2003

Mafia Island Overprints, an Addendum
Vol. 11 No. 76 Jan. 2004

Mail Routes from Belgian Occupied German East Africa, WWI
Vol. 12 No. 77 May 2004

Double Queen Uganda Covers
Vol. 12 No. 79 Jan. 2005

Across Africa 1915
Vol. 12 No. 80 May 2005

UGANDA Overprinted on British East Africa
Vol. 12 No. 81 Sep. 2005

Uganda Typeset Stamps (Part One)
Vol. 13 No. 84 Sep. 2006

Uganda Typeset Stamps (Part Two)
Vol. 13 No. 85 Jan. 2007

BEA Crown Administration 1895- Grace Period
Vol. 14 No. 89 May 2008

The BEA Protectorate Handstamp Issue – Issue Date: 9 July 1895
Vol. 14 No. 89 May 2008

BEA Registered Letter Envelope with Protectorate Handstamp; New Discovery
Vol. 14 No. 92 May 2009

Uganda ‘On BEA’ Postal Card Error
Vol. 14 No. 93 Sep. 2009

Uganda: Queen Victoria Issue of 1898
Vol. 15 No. 95 Sep. 2010

Zanzibar & British East Africa: UPU Membership. ! December 1895
Vol. 15 No. 99 Sep. 2011

Sultan Seyyid Hamed-bin-Thwain Issues of Zanzibar, 1896-8, pt.1
Vol. 16 No. 100 Jan. 2012

Sultan Seyyid Hamed-bin-Thwain Issues of Zanzibar, 1896-8 pt.2
Vol. 16 No. 101 May 2012

British East Africa- The Errors That Never Were
Vol. 17 No 103 Jan 2013

EFO Collector, Journal of the EFO Collectors Club

Imperial British East Africa Errors
Vol. XXVI No. 150 Jan. 2008

UGANDA on British East Africa
Vol. XXVI No. 151 April 2008

British East Africa: The ‘On India’ Errors
Vol. XXVII No. 152 July 2008

British East Africa: The ‘On India’ Errors; part 2
Vol. XXVII No. 153 Oct. 2008

Hawaii Envelope Errors
Vol. XXVIII No. 156 July 2009

Burundi: Overprinted Native Mammals Stamps of Ruanda-Urundi, 1962
Vol. XXVIII No. 158 Jan. 2010

The Congress Book 2005, Annual book published by the American Philatelic Congress

British East Africa, 1890-1897 (article won the APC Erani R. Drossos award)

Gibbons Stamp Monthly, magazine published by Stanley Gibbons

Uganda: Queen Victoria Issue of 1898
Vol. 42 No. 2 July 2011

Sultan Seyyid Hamed-bin-Thwain Issues of Zanzibar, 1896-8, pt.1
Vol. 43 No.4 Sept. 2012

Sultan Seyyid Hamed-bin-Thwain Issues of Zanzibar, 1896-8, pt.2
Vol. 43 No.5 Oct. 2012

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